How I got started...


 I (Charlotte Harris) have been working in the field of Esthetics and Skin Care since 2002.  Most of my career was spent in high end, full service salon and spa environments.  Through my experience and dedication to continued education I have learned the best and most current techniques to help keep my clients happy.


I have also been very involved in the academic side of my field by teaching first at St. Lawrence College and then at Algonquin College.  I enjoyed passing on what I have learned and felt like I contributed to the evolution of the profession through my teaching, But after 11 years of part-time teaching I decided to focus solely on my business  

When it comes to products and services I have a very high standard and a pension for being meticulous with my choices.  I have also come to learn to have a deep value for each and everyone of my customers and am dedicated to their ultimate satisfaction.