The Kinelift provides a complete rejuvenation.  it is dedicated to maximizing the synergy that occurs when LED, Photo-Energy at 640 nm, and Micro-currents are applied simultaneously.  This function provides advanced treatment solutions to fight the aging process at the epidermal, Dermal and Muscular levels.

The Purelight is a new revolutionary acne treatment.  the violet light at 420 nm targets the bacteria responsible for acne outbreaks.  Purelight uses the natural visible light spectrum at a specific wavelength.  It is both natural and noninvasive.  Purelight satellite is also beneficial for hyperpigmentation scars caused by acne.  the violet light produces a photo bleaching of melanosomes responsible for pigmentation problems.

The Dermalift has 2 functions:

Phase 1 and 2 are used to lift and tone neck, neckline or breasts.

Phase 3 includes 10 minutes product penetration phase that allows you to infuse active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin.